AGTech’s philosophy is founded on five core values: "FORTUNE", "HEALTH", "HAPPINESS", "LUCK" and "RESPONSIBILITY". Together they form the color scheme of our logo.

FORTUNE - We provide the PRC lottery market with fully integrated professional lottery products and services, with a view to boosting lottery sales and bringing fortune to lottery players through exciting game products.

HEALTH - We strive to support a healthy PRC lottery industry, with a view to developing new forms of legal and regulated lottery channels in order to crack down on the illegal gambling market.

HAPPINESS - As a form of entertainment, lotteries and social or mind games are growing in popularity among the Chinese citizens, and we are privileged to bring lottery and social or mind games players happiness and an exciting experience.

LUCK - Lottery wins are perceived as a token of "luck", and it is one of our core corporate values to bring such luck to China’s lottery players and society through our products and services.

RESPONSIBILITY - We strive to actively contribute to the development of responsible lottery and online games industries. We are actively involved in sports development and charity events, and we have been the sponsor of a wide range of sports events.