AGTech was incorporated in Bermuda and its Shares are listed on GEM (Stock Code: 8279). AGTech is an integrated technology and services company engaged in electronic payment services, lottery, mobile games and entertainment and marketing technical services and non-lottery hardware supply markets with a focus on Mainland China and Macau. As a member of the Alibaba Group, the Group is the exclusive lottery platform of Alibaba Group and Ant Group.

AGTech’s businesses are broadly divided into four principal categories:

(i) Electronic Payment:

(a) provision of payment card services and ancillary services;

(b) provision of e-wallet services;

(c) provision of acquiring services for other payment platforms;

(ii) Lottery:

(a) lottery hardware sales;

(b) lottery distribution through physical channels and ancillary services;

(iii) Games and entertainment and marketing technical services;

(iv) Non-lottery hardware supply (including sales and leasing).

AGTech is an associate member of the World Lottery Association(WLA) and the Asia Pacific Lottery Association(APLA).


AGTech is committed to evolving its business into a comprehensive electronic payment services, lottery, mobile games and entertainment content and technology provider to customers around the world.

As the exclusive lottery platform of Alibaba Group and Ant Group, lottery technology and services will continue to be AGTech’s domain expertise. The Group continues to leverage its lottery industry experience and innovation to support lottery authorities in areas including physical channel expansion, innovative hardware, marketing services and promotions.

Building on the past experiences of the Group in designing, operating and/or providing online and mobile games and entertainment contents to several online or mobile shopping and payment platforms, the Group will strive to integrate its core competencies into its electronic payment business in Macau, with a view to not only strengthening its presence in Macau, but also broadening its business coverage in complementary sectors including but not limited to e-commerce, entertainment and advertising or marketing technical services and expanding its presence beyond Macau.

The Group will continue to utilize its research and development capabilities in respect of lottery hardware to extend its hardware product offering to non-lottery hardware for the retail sector, with a view to broadening the product spectrum of its hardware business. At the same time, the Group will also integrate and optimize its technical capabilities in the POS (point of sales) payment terminals market and provide better services for merchants in Macau.

Looking forward, AGTech will continue to pursue overseas opportunities and globalize our business through offering our proprietary systems and platforms, as well as operational and technical expertise, in addition to seeking strategic partnership with local partners in Asia.